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I hope this page will help you to learn more about my experience and me.
Here you can find more information than in my resume.

My idea of "Design":

  • I like clear design, something like "a huge-poster-style".
  • I like that design has The Idea and you can not perceive it right away. However, I realized that people do not need it often.
  • I like design that rises particular (special) feelings. I hope, my web site does so.

Technical skills:

  • I am a hard working person and I can do long-term projects.
    Here you can see some samples: Giftbill, Cabinet Doors Depot.
    However, I think I have enough experience to do more creative projects.
  • I know a lot of design programs and I do not want to stop. Now, for example, I am learning Maya and am enjoying it very much.
  • I like to draw in XaraX. I can use Illustrator or FreeHand, if necessary. However, I usually use XaraX to draw and Illustrator to finish the drawing.
  • I can use almost every famous publishing program (Freehand, Quark, PageMaker etc.), or I can learn a new one very fast, if it is not in my list.
  • I have experience in 3D modeling (3D MAX) and visualization of architectural projects. Also, I can do technical drawing in AutoCAD.
  • I use Home Site and Top Style for HTML coding. I prefer hand coding only. I have strong skills in this area. I truly care about my code. Sometimes, it is faster to use my hands than generators. It is always safer.
  • I can work both on PC and on Mac, but I prefer Mac , even though I have more experience with PC.

Work experience

I started as a html-coder in software development company "Fine Soft Studio". I worked there for a short period of time and had to leave because I wanted to gain more experience.

Later, I got a position of graphic-designer assistant in Ukrainian Advertisement Agency "Galickie Kontrakty". I have a wide range of responsibilities, such as a lot of pre-press, retouching, scan, and some design. My biggest projects were flash CD presentations and brochures for "Kredit Bank" in Poland and Ukraine (in Russian, Ukrainian, and Polish languages). 10 months later I was offered a position in "Intelex" Corp. and I was happy to get a chance to work on design more. I was tired of doing so many unrelated to design projects, but it was still a good experience.

My position title in "Intelex" Corp. was web and graphic designer. I have done a lot of nice projects. I really enjoyed working there, regardless huge amount of projects. I was doing web and graphic design, print preparations, html coding, web processing. I have worked with content management system design, content editing and support. List of web projects I have done in this company you can view here. The reason for leaving was moving to US. My wife is studying in the University of North Dakota.

I also work as a freelancer. I have done some flash presentations and print works.

What do I need as a full-time employee:

  • To have admin access to my computer
  • To have XaraX on my computer (from my side I promise to do every print publication in required file format)
  • Ability to listen to a music (it helps me a lot)

I can work over-time and on weekends if necessary. However, in this case I need to have more than regular vacations.


  • To obtain a position as web or graphic designer
  • To obtain a position in games or cartoons development company
  • To have a possibility to travel a lot


  • English (fluent)
  • Russian (native)
  • Ukrainian (second native)
  • Polish (intermediate)
  • German (beginner)

Personal info

  • Was born in 1981 in lviv, Ukraine.
  • Married. Have a daughter.
  • Graduated from Lviv Polytechnic University with specialty "System analyst" ("Information systems and technology" 5 years degree - Masters) in 2003.
  • Have been studied in Lviv Polygraphy Academy ("Mechanical engineering" major, not finished).
  • Current location is USA, Grand Forks, ND.

Interests and hobbies

  • Drawing
    3D graphics (especially I enjoy Maya), hand drawing, vector graphics.
  • Reading
    If I have time, or even if I do not, I read. Topics vary from historical (especially WWII), fiction, fantasy, to technical literature.
  • Biology, Zoology, Physiology, Anatomy
  • Music
    I like to play guitar.
  • Extreme activities
    I used to be a member of Lviv mountain climbing club in Ukraine. I have also made several long-term biking trips in Crimea and Polese in Ukraine. I am always up to go somewhere to see and experience something new.
  • Martial arts
    Full contact martial arts are part of my life. It started from wrestling team in high-school. I have been doing it for 14 years already.
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